Dr. rer. nat.

Steffen Frey

Junior Participating Researcher
Visualization Research Center


Allmandring 19
70569 Stuttgart


  • Visualization
  • spatio-temporal data analysis
  • high performance data analysis
  • machine learning
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Academic Studies and Degrees

2014 Dr.rer.nat., Visualization Research Institute \& SimTech, University of Stuttgart

2008 Dipl.-Inf., Department of Computer Science, University of Stuttgart

2002-2008 Study of Computer Science, University of Stuttgart

2005-2016 Study abroad, University of Kansas, USA


Professional and Academic Career

since 2014 Postdoc, University of Stuttgart, Visualization Research Institute & SimTech Visionary Postdoc
2009-2014 Researcher at the Visualization Research Institute, University of Stuttgart
2010 & 2012 Visiting Researcher, University of California, Davis, USA

2017 BM Faculty Award
2013 Offer for a W3 Professorship at the University of Kiel
2013 National French scientific excellence award (Prime d'Excellence Scientifique)
2012 Accepted DFG Emmy-Noether project "Transformation Lifecycle Management"

  • Program Committee Member for numerous international top conferences, including IEEE VIS (2018), ACM/IEEE Supercomputing (2018), ISC High Performance (2017 and 18), Supercomputing ASIA (2018), EuroVIS (2018)
  • Speaker at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (2009 and 2017)
  • Invited Speaker at Dagstuhl Seminar "In Situ Visualization for Computational Science" (2018)
  • Reviewer for various international journals, including IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics Forum
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