Argyris Visiting Professorship

International and interdisciplinary

In order to intensify the international and interdisciplinary cooperation, SimTech annually awards an Argyris Visiting Professorship to a personality from the field of simulation science. With this award the Cluster of Excellence honours internationally renowned scientists from Germany and abroad, who are outstanding representatives of their discipline in the field of simulation science.

Argyris Visiting Professorship

The award is presented to researchers who - similar to the name giver - have drawn attention to themselves with pioneering work in the field of simulation technology.

Research stay

Argyris Visiting Professors are invited to Stuttgart for a period of three weeks to three months.

Argyris Lecture

A public Argyris Lecture offers the visiting professor the opportunity to present his or her scientific work to a broad audience.

Since 1959 John Argyris was a professor at the University of Stuttgart, then the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart.

In honor of Professor John Argyris

With the Argyris Visiting Professorship, SimTech reminds of Professor John Hadji Argyris, one of the most internationally respected pioneers in the field of simulation technologies.

John Argyris was a professor at the University of Stuttgart (which was then known as Stuttgart University of Technology) and an important co-founder of the finite element method, with which a multitude of physical processes are still simulated today. It was John Argyris who made this method, which is now widely used, known to the scientific community.

Past Argyris Visiting Professors

2023 Prof. Inga Berre, University of Bergen, Norway
Prof. Dr. Daniel M. Tartakovsky
, Stanford University, USA
2022 Prof. Serkan Gugercin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
2021 Prof. Gabor Csanyi, University of Cambridge, UK
2020 Prof. Michael Ortiz, Caltech, USA
2019 Prof. George Biros, University of Texas at Austin, USA
2018 Prof. Peter Knabner, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
2017 Prof. Ronaldo I. Borja, Stanford University, USA
2016 Prof. Robert McMeeking, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
2015 Prof. Michael Celia, Princeton University, USA
2014 Prof. Dr. René de Borst, University of Sheffield, UK
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