Our Focus Challenges

Our six Focus Challenges

The Cluster EXC 2075 sees itself as a research center with a methodological focus in a general sense. While our Principal Investigators and Participating Researchers may do simulation science from different perspectives – modeling in science and engineering, mathematically-oriented methods, and advanced computing – they all strive for new simulation methods in their research. Such a methodological research focus must align itself with methodological challenges which go beyond specific Fields of Expertise, application domains, or Visionary Examples. We call these our Focus Challenges and have identified six of them:

We chose our first set of Focus Challenges specifically to tackle the enormous complexity that will result from data integration and also to prepare for how simulation will actually be done in the coming decade. Meeting our Focus Challenges will be fundamental for making progress in our Visionary Examples but will also call on our Project Networks to pursue several linked interdisciplinary research efforts.

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