Industrial Collaborations

Data-integrated simulation science as a new field of research will have an enormous impact on how future products and technologies are developed, manufactured, and operated. The Stuttgart region at the same time is one of Europe's leading high technology hubs, with a huge potential for transferring groundbreaking ideas into applications. With our orientation of data integration, we position ourselves for the booming field of intelligent systems.

In order to make the exchange with industry sustainable, the Industrial Consortium SimTech e. V. was initiated – a non-profit organization serving as a platform for the direct exchange with experienced industrial partners.

The association

  • promotes cooperation between the Cluster of Excellence and companies,
  • creates links for applications and
  • strengthens the awareness of SimTech’s scientists for industrial needs and requirements.
This picture showsAlexander Verl
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Alexander Verl

[Photo: SimTech/Max Kovalenko]

This picture showsJörg Fehr
apl.-Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Jörg Fehr

[Photo: SimTech/Max Kovalenko]

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.h.c. Dr. h.c. Prof. e.h.

Michael Resch

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