Graduate Academy of the SC SimTech

The Graduate Academy of the SC SimTech promotes excellence in postdoctoral and doctoral education across all disciplines in the field of simulation science. It offers an interdisciplinary structured and international training program in order to prepare the candidates with optimal conditions for their successful doctoral degree and beyond.

Doctoral researchers of the GS SimTech (Status Seminar 2022)
Doctoral researchers of the GS SimTech (Status Seminar 2022)

Docotral reseachers at GS SimTech:

  • have at least two supervisors from different subject cultures,
  • benefit from a second reviewer from outside the University of Stuttgart,
  • can attend courses and seminars specially designed for the field of simulation technology,
  • are able to exchange technical and methodical information,
  • are integrated with their projects into the overarching research contexts of the project networks,
  • have an optimal feedback possibility through a milestone presentation after one and a half years,
  • establish international contacts through a mandatory three-month stay at a foreign research institute.

All regulations are based on the Doctoral Degree Regulations of the University of Stuttgart. For further details please have a look at the guidelines of your faculty as well as at the guidelines for Conducting Doctoral Research at SC SimTech (and if necessary at the guidelines for writing cumulative publication)

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In order to promote interdisciplinary networking and to broaden professional horizons, all PhD students of the Graduate School should actively participate in at least three seminars of the graduate school. At least one seminar should be attended until the milestone presentation and the second until the PhD examination. The selection is made in consultation with the respective doctoral supervisor and the co-supervisor of the doctoral thesis.

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During the milestone presentation, which takes place about 18 months after the start of the PhD project, interim results are reflected upon and the further work program is determined. The milestone presentation consists of a public lecture and a non-public oral examination interview by the supervisors of the PhD project. In addition, the PhD students write a "Milestone Report", which reflects the status of the research work to date and the further work program.

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The Best Paper Award of the GS SimTech and the Industrial Consortium SimTech e. V. honors outstanding scientific achievements of our PhD students.

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Since 2009, the doctoral researcher representatives have organised a PhD Weekend/ Weekend Retreat every year. During this weekend, the interdisciplinary cooperation of the doctoral researchers is intensified. The members of GS SimTech can get to know each other better and exchange professional and personal experiences. The event serves (besides the activities of the Society of Simulation Technology e. V.) to build up a sustainable network of PhD students.

The coaching offers of the GS SimTech support PhD students on their way to successfully complete their doctorate. Interested members of the graduate school can arrange a coaching appointment with Almut Meyer zu Schwabedissen.

The current PhD student representatives are (from left to right)

  • David Rosin
  • Nico Segreto
  • Moritz Schäfer

They can be reached via

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This image shows Katharina Fuchs

Katharina Fuchs


Coordinator GS SimTech

[Photo: SimTech/Max Kovalenko]

This image shows Johannes Kästner

Johannes Kästner

Prof. Dr.

Head of GS SimTech

[Photo: SimTech/Max Kovalenko]

This image shows Dirk Pflüger

Dirk Pflüger

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

PI, Vice-Head of GS SimTech

[Photo: SimTech/Max Kovalenko]

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