Mattia Manucci Awarded Prestigious SIAM Postdoctoral Fellowship for Advanced Research in Numerical Analysis

April 15, 2024

[Picture: Max Kovalenko]

Mattia Manucci, postdoctoral researcher in the junior research group on Dynamical Systems led by Benjamin Unger, has been named one of the three recipients of this year's SIAM Postdoctoral Support Program fellowship. Sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), this fellowship provides a substantial financial grant and the opportunity for early career scholars to work under the mentorship of established researchers at distinguished institutions.

In the fall of 2024 and 2025, Manucci will join Virginia Tech, USA, for a six-week stint each year under the guidance of Professor Serkan Gugercin. Virginia Tech is renowned for its impactful research in Model Order Reduction (MOR) and Numerical Linear Algebra, fields central to Manucci’s work. This placement is expected to strengthen the already robust collaboration between Virginia Tech and SimTech, a relationship highlighted by multiple joint projects and academic exchanges in recent years. Serkan Gugercin was also awarded the SimTech Argyris Visiting Professorship in 2023.

Manucci's research focuses on the development of Model Order Reduction strategies for dynamical systems, a critical aspect of improving the efficiency and reliability of systems that manage localized, climate-neutral energy solutions. His work, particularly in the area of Contour Integral Methods based on the Laplace transform, aims to enhance the handling of non-linear parametric systems - a focus that will continue during his fellowship at Virginia Tech.

The SIAM fellowship, which awards up to $15,000 to each postdoctoral scholar, aims to foster significant professional growth and direct research experience by pairing scholars with mentors from different institutions. The program was founded with contributions from Drs. Martin Golubitsky and Barbara Keyfitz and selects up to four postdoctoral-mentor pairs annually.

For SimTech, this fellowship not only underscores its ongoing commitment to cutting-edge research and international collaboration but also enhances its visibility and influence in the global research community. The continuing partnership with Virginia Tech, highlighted by mutual exchanges and shared projects, is set to yield further advancements in the field of numerical analysis and dynamical systems, benefiting both institutions.

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