At the end of 2021, Leonardo Gizzi and Simon Wolfen funded LS Solutions, a spin-off (TGU) of the University of Stuttgart, born under the hood of the Technology Transfer Initiative (TTI).

The company offers services to universities, startups and industry on a wide range of topics, ranging from laboratory testing to scientific testbeds, to consulting on human-machine interfaces, clinical studies and so on. 


  • Development of testing hardware/software, sensorised solutions for industry and University
    • Embedded Solutions
    • Muscle driven robotic solutions/ Scientific Testbeds
  • Experimental work and data analysis on human neuromechanics
    • Product/technology testing at Neuromechanics Lab
    • Athletes’ assessment
  • Consulting
    • Human-machine interfaces (prostheses/orthoses, brain-computer interfaces)
    • Clinical studies (feasibility, rigor, execution)
    • Ethical applications
    • Scientific writing (articles, project proposals, start-ups)

Target group:

  • Universities,
  • companies and
  • privates.

For more information contact Leonardo Gizzi or visit

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