Data-Integrated Models and Methods for Multiphase Fluid Dynamics

Project Network 1

Multiphase flow problems occur in many natural systems and technical applications. In PN 1, we investigate such flow systems with and without wall interaction, inside or adjacent to porous media, or in free-flow domains, ranging from creeping flow to highly turbulent flow. Here, small-scale interfacial phenomena (transfer of mass, momentum, energy across the interfaces between fluid/solid phases) dominate the overall large-scale system dynamics. However, purely physics-based modeling for such flow problems has arrived at a substantial barrier. We are convinced that further progress can only be achieved by data-integrated modeling approaches at very small scales, followed by hierarchical modeling and data integration approaches across scales. The new data-integrated simulation frameworks need corresponding numerical schemes for multi-adaptivity, error control and uncertainty assessment.

Interaction of research questions

Research Questions

RQ 1 Interface descriptions: How can we describe detailed interfaces and interface phenomena in multiphase flow models and simulations, in or outside porous media?

RQ 2 Interface closures: How to include data-rich interface descriptions in coarser models?

RQ 3 Turbulence closures: How to advance to a new data-based model generation for turbulent multiphase systems (free flow, interacting with walls or with flows in porous media)?

RQ 4 Applications: How can we build realistic applications by combining microscopic and mesoscale information, models and data?

Project Overview

PN 1-1 Data-Driven Subgrid-Closure Models for Simulating Turbulent Multi-Phase Flow
PN 1-1 (II) Data-driven closures for turbulent free and porous media flows
PN 1-2A A Multiscale Framework for Multiphase Flow Based on the Compressible Navier-Stokes Kortweg System
PN 1-2B 3D Direct Numerical Simulation of Multi-Component Droplet Interaction Including Phase Change as a Basis for Sub-Scale Models for Data-Integrated Multiphase Simulations
PN 1-2 (II) 3D Direct Numerical Simulation of Multi-Component Droplet Interaction including Phase Change as a Basis for Sub-Scale Models for Data-Integrated Multiphase Simulations
PN 1-3 Impact of Porous-Media Topology on Turbulent Fluid Flow: Highly Resolved Space and Time Interactions
PN 1-3 (II) Influence of Anisotropy and Permeability on Turbulent Pumping by Highly Space and Time-resolved Measurements
PN 1-4 Image-based Morphological Characterization of Multiphase Porous Media Flow
PN 1-4 (II) Image-based morphological characterization of multiphase porous media flow
PN 1-5 Dispersion Concept for Interface Closures in the Context of Coupling Free-Flow and Porous-Media Multiphase Flow on the REV Scale
PN 1-5 (II) Dispersion concept for interface closures in the context of coupling free-flow and porous-media multiphase flow on the REV scale
PN 1-6 Upscaling of Two-Phase Porous Media Flow Based on Fluid Morphology
PN 1-7 Datadriven Simulations for Turbulence Inside Porous Media
PN 1-8 Bottom-up modeling of hierarchical porous electrode materials via molecular simulation
PN 1-9 Data-Integrated Two-Scale Modelling of Compressible Multiphase Flow
PN 1-10 Combining imaging, physics and analysis for rheological experiments 
PN 1-11 Integration of thermodynamic library data into OpenFOAM for the simulation of compressible multiphase flows with phase change
PN 1-12 Printing personalised medicines on demand: PrintMed Plus

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Project Network Coordinators

Andrea Beck

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics

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Holger Steeb

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Continuum Mechanics | Director of SC SimTech

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Bernhard Weigand

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.

Aerospace Thermodynamics

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