Reflecting on societal and organizational impacts of AI

Postdoc Project

Project Description

As new technologies sweep the world, they are poised to bring extensive changes that will affect all aspects of our society and life, as well as see organizations increasingly adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize various aspects of their operations. While AI offers new opportunities, it also presents unintended challenges that societal and organizational leaders must carefully navigate. Numerous predictions have been made about the forthcoming AI revolution, ranging from optimistic ones that predict a science fiction utopia driven by nanotechnology and AI, to pessimistic ones that see AI endangering the very survival of human beings, to pragmatic ones that believe AI technologies can be controlled through effective regulation, and finally the doubting ones stating that the AI will never have human-like capabilities and will never become a threat.

This project aims to develop a deeper understanding of systemic structures that govern dynamics of AI adoption within society and organizations, which will help us identify potential risks and opportunities, as well as propose actionable policies that will work for the betterment of our socio-economic systems. We aim to investigate this topic through conceptual analysis supported by systems thinking, system dynamics modeling and computer simulation, and laboratory experiments.

Project Information

Project Name

Reflecting on societal and organizational impacts of AI

Project Duration

February 2023 - January 2025

Project Leader

Maria Wirzberger
Frank Allgöwer
Sybille Baumbach
Syn Schmitt

Project Members

Ivan Ðula, postdoctoral researcher

Project Partners

  • Ksenia Keplinger, Independent Research Group “Organizational Leadership and Diversity,”
  • Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart, Germany


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