SIGDIUS Seminars

Special Interest Group Data Infrastructure

At our university, there is an increasing number of working groups that want to use a laboratory information management system / electronic laboratory notebook (LIMS/ELN) for their experimental work or a documentation system that complies with the FAIR Data Principles for simulation work. Such systems serve to integrate data and, in particular, facilitate the connection of experimentally acquired data to the modeling environment used in each case.

The development of research data management (RDM) methods, standards, and tools is currently very dynamic, and scientific fields are fragmented in terms of processes and standards. This fragmentation is expressed in particular in a number of about 300 existing LIMS/ELN products, which on the one hand offer very specific solutions for individual application areas, and on the other hand try to serve a broad spectrum of users. Under these conditions, it is difficult to select the appropriate RDM strategy in each case.

The Special Interest Group Data Infrastructure provides a forum for interested working groups that want to establish or further develop an RDM infrastructure at the working group or institute level. To this end, we invite internal and external experts to a monthly SIGDIUS seminar for lecture and discussion, but primarily to give SIGDIUS members the opportunity to share their experiences with concrete RDM infrastructures.

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Summer Term 2024

Date Topic Lecturer
17 July tba Dagmar Waltemath (Greifswald)
tba Anett Seeland (Universität Stuttgart, TIK)

12 June

tba Roger Winkler (Darmstadt)
tba NN
8 May (Bio)Schemas and SchemaOrg for Rich Metadata Integration (not only) in the Life-Sciences Steffen Neumann (Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry)
In catalytic sciences, post-experimentation data processing predominantly leans on spreadsheet-based applications for the structuring, analyzing, and visualization of experimental data. Max Häußler (University of Stuttgart)
This image shows Jürgen Pleiss

Jürgen Pleiss

Prof. Dr.

Technical Biochemistry

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