Winter Term 2019/2020

SIGDIUS Seminars

Place: Campus Vaihingen, SimTech building, Pfaffenwaldring 5a, Room: 0.009

Date Topic Lecturer
05/02/2020 Research data management by SEEK/FAIRDOMHub Dr. Ukrike Wittig
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS)
ExtractIng - Automated medtadate extraction for computational engineering applications and high-performance computing Björn Schembera
04/12/2019 Bringing excellent data into a Cluster of Excellence: DFG rules meet software development Frank Tristram
KIT Karlsruhe
ESPResSO - a package for particle-based simulations on its path to being a sustainable research software Rudolf Weeber, Jean-Noel Grad
Institut für Computerphysik
06/11/2019 Research data infrastructure in physics and chemistry Wolfgang Wachter
DFG Bonn
Chemical Markup Language: integrating data and metadata on thermophysical properties of mixtures Gudrun Gygli
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