Winter Term 2020/2021

SIGDIUS Seminars

Place: Online via WebEx

Date   Topic Lecturer
10/02/2021 LINK How to bring industry standards to your research software development Jean-Claude Passy
MPI for Intelligent Systems
ReSUS - a platform for reusable sofware at the University of Stuttgart Dorothea Iglezakis
20/01/2021 LINK F.A.I.R. data management in biocatalysis Jürgen Pleiss
IBTB, SimTech
EnzymeML - a data exchange format for biocatalysis and enzymology Jan Range
02/12/2020 LINK Scientific Software Center @Uni-Heidelberg: First Concepts Jürgen Hesser
IWR, Universität Heidelberg
Jupyter Notebook for molecular simulations Henrique Carvalho
IBTB, SimTech
04/11/2020 LINK Jupyter@SCC - Interactive supercomputing for multiple scientific communities Jennifer Buchmüller
Steinbruch Centre for Computing, KIT
Data management and machine learning skills - needs and opporunities in SimTech

Ralf Diestelkämer
IPVS, SimTech

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