Winter Term 2023/2024


Date Topic Lecturer
7 February Base4NFDI: Towards basic services for the German National Research Data Infrastructure Lars Bernard (TU Dresden, Base4NFDI)
National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) - the idea behind and contributions of the University of Stuttgart Simone Rehm (Prorektorin für Informationstechnologie)
10 January The OpenFOAM Journal: an initiative from and for the community Miguel Nóbrega (University of Minho)
MetaConfigurator: a GUI for managing data and their schemata Felix Neubauer, Paul Bredl (MSc Software Engineering)

6 December

Digital twins of catalytic reactors: from archiving data to reactor simulations Olaf Deutschmann (KIT)
Research data management for miniplants Richard Schömig (SFB1333)
8 November Creative (?) machines - copyright aspects of machine learning Lisa Käde (KIT)
Storage for Science (bwSFS-2): integrating research data management of large scale data in the early phases of research Dorothea Iglezakis (FoKUS)
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