Software “EasyDataverse” included in the official Harvard Dataverse Repository

July 25, 2022 / sä

After presenting EasyDataverse and PyDaRUS at the Dataverse community meeting in June and after receiving great feedback from the community as well as from project leaders, EasyDataverse is now included in the official Harvard Dataverse Repository.

The Harvard Dataverse Repository is a free data repository open to all research from any discipline, both inside and outside of the Harvard community, where you can share, archive, cite, access, and explore research data. Each individual Dataverse collection is a customizable collection of datasets (or a virtual repository) for organizing, managing, and showcasing datasets.

EasyDataverse which was written by Jan Range, SimTech’s Research Data Software Engineer and PhD researcher at the Institute of Biochemistry and Technical Biochemistry, is a Python libary used to interface Dataverse installations and generate Python code compatible to a metadatablock configuration given at a Dataverse installation. In addtion, EasyDataverse allows its users to export and import datasets to and from various data formats. The software as well as Jan Range are part of the official Global Dataverse Community Consortium.

Features of EasyDataverse are:

  • Code generation from Dataverse TSV metadata configurations
  • Export and import of datasets to various formats (JSON, YAML, XML and HDF5)
  • Source code publication from a local or GitHub repository towards a Dataverse installation
  • Fetch datasets from any Dataverse installation into an object oriented structure ready to be integrated

In SimTech, the software is used to reproduce simulations and report experimental data. First applications were at DaRUS using PyDaRUS. For more information see or contact Jan Range via

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