Coursera for doctoral students of GS SimTech

May 31, 2022 / sä/kafu

SimTech is pleased to announce that it is providing financial support for online courses on the highly rated online learning platform Coursera for its doctoral students of the GS SimTech.

"The interdisciplinary nature of our cluster requires a broad spectrum of practical knowledge in different tools and skills that may not have been part of a PhD student's education.", explains explains Katharina Fuchs, Coordinator of the GS SimTech. "Skills such as Git, Data Management and Machine Learning cannot be expected to be part of the curriculum of natural and engineering sciences. On the other hand, visiting lectures that most of the time deliver an in-depth understanding may not be feasible to consistently attend due to the own research schedule. Furthermore, an in-depth understanding might not be needed but knowledge about practical implementation.", she further states.

PhD students of the GS Simtech can participate in such online courses on the highly rated online learning platform Coursera. Lectures are prepared by official and well-known universities and companies such as Princeton University and IBM respectively in a broad spectrum of application. Courses range from two weeks to three months and by completion a certificate will be given that can be added to the CV. Ultimately, Coursera can help gather skills in ones own pace and at any time without using focus on own studies.

How to apply for online courses in Coursera

  • Choose one of the featured courses listed in Confluence
  • Let us know about your plans via E-Mail to and wait for the approval and the notice about granted financial support for a course upon completion
  • Register for your course via Coursera
  • Once finished, the certificate counts as proof for attendance. The certificate and the invoice (invoice, account statement and bank details) should be forwarded to the Coordinator of the GS SimTech. With successful participation, the course can count as Key Qualification (SQ) and SimTech will cover your expenses.
  • Featured courses are listed in Confluence, but suggestions for other courses on the Coursera platform can be made.
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