June 2, 2016 / Lisa Pietrzyk

SimTech named an NVIDIA GPU Research Center

Prof. Dominik Göddeke initiates research collaboration between NVIDIA and SimTech.

The Cluster of Excellence Simulation Technology (SimTech) at the University of Stuttgart has been named a GPU Research Center by NVIDIA, a computer technology company that has pioneered GPU-accelerated computing.

GPU Research Centers are institutions that embrace and utilize GPU-accelerated computing across multiple research fields, and are at the forefront of some of the world’s most innovative scientific research. GPU-accelerated computing leverages the parallel processing capabilities of GPU accelerators and enabling software to deliver dramatic increases in performance for scientific, artificial intelligence, deep learning, graphics, engineering, and other demanding applications.

This method opens up new possibilities, especially for complex computer simulations. SimTech was recognized for its outstanding contributions to the field of GPU-accelerated scientific research.

Scientists at SimTech are working on many applications of GPU-accelerated computing, including bioinformatics, hardware design, computer mathematics, environmental hydrology, fault-tolerant systems and methods, geophysics, machine learning, material design, multi-scale mechanics, quantum chemistry, and scientific visualisation.

By collaborating with NVIDIA, SimTech will develop this research under improved conditions: GPU Research Centers have pre-release access to NVIDIA GPU hardware and software, the opportunity to attend exclusive events with key researchers and academics, a designated NVIDIA technical liaison, and access to specialized online and in-person training sessions. GPU Research Centers were formerly known as CUDA Research Centers.

Prof. Dr. Dominik Göddeke serves as the coordinator of SimTech’s GPU-related activities. He has been active in GPU-accelerated computing since late 2004, and is one of the early adopters in Germany. Between 2006 and 2015, he served as an editor for GPGPU.org. At SimTech Prof. Göddeke coordinates the GPU-centric project: ‘Hardware-adaptive and self-balancing algorithms and data structures for numerical simulation of PDE problems’.

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