SimTech strengthens expertise in diversity and equity

March 27, 2024 / ts

Hiser Sedik joined the SimTech management team in February 2024. She is responsible for issues and tasks relating to equal opportunities, gender, diversity and equity. Her previous training focused on the topic of migration. The 31-year-old will incorporate the resulting awareness of forms of discrimination, (anti-)racism and gender inequality into her work at SimTech. She has experience as an interpreter and cultural mediator for the State Ministry and the University Hospital in Tübingen. Furthermore, she volunteered in the "Diversity Competence Working Group" of the State Working Group for Boys* and Men*. 

Most recently, she headed the "Kultur macht stark" advice center at the Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung (LKJ) Baden-Württemberg. Now, with her empathetic, solution-oriented approach, she is raising awareness of diversity at SimTech and not only wants to draw attention to problems, but also strengthen existing structures. She will also be involved in the diversity auditing process at the University of Stuttgart, plans to offer workshops and seminars on topics such as equality and anti-racism and will represent SimTech on all relevant committees.

Diversity is also important to her in her free time  - she enjoys cooking, preferably vegan, and loves making music with her band. She also volunteers for refugee Yazidi women and organizes the annual "Kurdistan Conference" at the Bad Boll Protestant Academy.

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