Best Poster Award goes to Project „PerSiVal“

October 19, 2021 / sä

In addition to the Best Paper Award, the Best Poster Award was also presented at this year's status seminar in Bad Boll. Voted by all participants of the seminar, it was in the end the poster trilogy "Visualization based on Distributed Neural Networks for Pervasive Continuum-Mechanical Simulation in Biomechanics" by Johannes Kässinger, David Rosin and Xingyao Yu that came out on top.

The prize is endowed with 150 EUR and awarded by the Graduate School of the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science, the Cluster of Excellence SimTech at the University of Stuttgart and the Industrial Consortium SimTech e. V.

The goal of project PerSiVal (PN7-1) is to develop a proof of concept for a real-time application of a complex, 3D continuum-biomechanical simulation of a human upper arm in an AR/VR-setting. To this end, PN7-1.1, deals with all aspects directly concerned with biomechanical simulation and corresponding surrogate modeling. PN7-1.2 is considering the reduction of the simulation and its distribution in a client-server approach. Finally, PN 7-1.3 completes the workflow and visualizes the 3D model in an on-body visualization.


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