Pervasive simulation and visualization with resource- and time-constraints (PerSiVal)

PN 7-1


Project description

Pervasive simulation envisions people making use of simulation technology anytime, anywhere. As such, the overarching goal of this project is to enable the visualisation of complex biomechanical simulations, specifically of a human arm, directly on the body of a person to be observed in a virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) setup. As a proof-of-concept a three-dimensional, continuum-mechanical upper-arm model will be developed and its performance optimized using machine learning techniques, surrogate modelling, as well as distributing it to different systems while keeping any loss of accuracy to a minimum. The VR/AR nature of the visualization will allow for the exploration of novel methods for displaying and interacting with the results and the simulation model itself. Finally, we will develop methods to map all necessary simulation components and the visualisation onto a distributed, heterogeneous hardware infrastructure, taking into account all available resources and imposed time constraints, while prioritising simulation quality as much as possible.

Project information

Project title Pervasive simulation and visualization with resource- and time-constraints (PerSiVal)
Project leaders

Oliver Röhrle, Miriam Schulte, Michael Sedlmair

Project partners Frank Dürr
Project duration March 2019 - December 2022
Project number PN 7-1

Publications PN 7-1 and PN 7-1 (II)

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