All about Social Sustainability - the Diversity Day 2024

June 10, 2024 / ts

The University of Stuttgart marked this year's nationwide Diversity Day on May 28, 2024 by focusing on the link between diversity and social sustainability. Students, employees and the university's administrative management came together to participate in an open exchange on how to work and study sustainably at the University of Stuttgart.

Foto: Maria Costa

Creating knowledge and raising awareness

Representing SimTech, Hiser Sedik, Manager for Equity and Diversity, contributed with her experience from an international and interdisciplinary network and  and discussed on these topics with the participants. With a wheel of fortune and questions on various diversity-related terms such as “FLINTA*”, “Intersectionality” or “Stereotype Threat Concerns”, SimTech managed to impart knowledge in a playful way and initiate exciting conversations. With a total of nine theme tables, potential measures for promoting social sustainability were the subject of lively discussions.

Hiser Sedik points out: “SimTech will continue to actively participate in activities with university-wide stakeholders to promote diversity. For example, our Diversity Committee is actively involved in the Steering Committee of the ongoing Diversity Audit and is committed to raising awareness of these topics in the long term.”

The active participation of the university's administrative management like Rector, Chancellor and Vice-Rector, shows the importance of the topic also on an administrative level. A particular highlight of the day was the presentation of a financial measure to promote social sustainability at the university. With 5,000 euros from the Diversity Fund, a measure proposed by the participants on the Diversity Day is to be implemented this year. The final result will be announced shortly by the Vice-Rectorate.

We're looking forward to see exciting and important changes happen until the next Diversity Day!

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