1st Stuttgart – Heidelberg Workshop on Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport

October 28, 2022

Mixed ionic-electronic conductors are materials whose properties are critically determined by the simultaneous transport and coupling of ionic and electronic charges. They have attracted increasing attention and focused research efforts world-wide due to their interesting properties and broad range of possible applications in bioelectronics, chemical and biological sensing, optoelectronics, neuromorphics, soft actuators and energy storage. Some of the most prominent examples are the conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS but also hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites.

This joint workshop by Heidelberg University and the University of Stuttgart aims to highlight various aspects of mixed ionic-electronic transport including new materials and structures (from 2D to 3D), novel device concepts and modelling approaches. It will bring together researchers from different faculties at both universities and invited lecturers from Germany and Europe to discuss unifying principles, key challenges and opportunities within this emergent field in materials science

The workshop is financially supported by Heidelberg University (Field of Focus 2) and the University of Stuttgart (Lab for Functional Soft Materials).


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