Projektnetzwerk 4

Data-integrated control systems design with guarantees

This project network will develop novel methods to control individual systems or networks of systems. It will exploit the benefit of data and learning strategies on top of classical first-principles models while still providing rigorous guarantees for the overall system behavior in all steps of the systems and control design cycle.

Koordinatoren PN 4

Frank Allgöwer
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Frank Allgöwer

Stellv. Direktor, stellv. Sprecher des Clusters, Leiter Graduiertenschule, Principal Investigator (EXC), Fellow (SC), Koordinator PN 4

Carsten  Scherer
Prof. Dr.

Carsten Scherer

Principal Investigator (EXC), Fellow (SC), Koordinator PN 4

Sebastian Trimpe

Sebastian Trimpe

Junior Participating Researcher, Max Planck & Cyber Valley Research Group Leader, Koordinator PN 4

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