How we work

SimTech Committee for Equity and Diversity

As a cluster of excellence, we want to promote excellent working conditions. In our view this entails fair treatment, free from structural or individual discrimination. In order to work towards this goal, we focused on early career researchers who are in a particularly vulnerable state of their careers and worked closely with the administrative structure of the University of Stuttgart to find reliable and transparent solutions. In this way, we were able to help shape the university-wide measures in the area of equity and diversity in the long term. The topics we address are generated from the needs of the members of SimTech.

The SimTech Committee for Equity and Diversity took and takes part in several panels:

Audit familienfreundliche hochschule

In 2022 Uni Stuttgart received the permanent certification as a family friendly university. The procedure entailed four dialogue-sessions in which SimTech committee members contributed with their special expertise in the topics network, care work and human resource management.

Audit familienfreundliche hochschule

Committee Equity and Diversity

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