Managing research and data: SimTech to implement systematic research data management (RDM)

November 5, 2019 /

Much of the data yielded from sensor readings, data-collection processes, experiments and simulations offers new and increasingly important ways of discovering new knowledge and is thus extremely relevant. To ensure long-term data traceability and reproducibility of research findings, comprehensive research data management (RDM) measures are necessary.

Research data plays a key role in the “Data-integrated Simulation Science” Cluster of Excellence. But how can that data be systematically captured and analyzed? How can it be shared and made accessible on a large scale – both for researchers at the center that collected it and for those from other institutions? In other words, how can data be stored and supplied in a way that enables others to locate and re-use it? To find answers to these and other questions, the Cluster has just brought Sibylle Hermann and Ralf Diestelkämper on board.

“Long-term RDM is essential for our cluster, which brings together the fields of simulation and data integration. It will enable us to ensure research produces good-quality findings that can be reproduced by others. That’s precisely why we’ve brought in two highly qualified people to help us develop and establish a systematic, long-term approach. We are very much looking forward to working with our new team members,” says Managing Director, Dr. Jenny Kopsch-Xhema.

Sibylle Hermann, a qualified engineer, will be supporting SimTech in her role as “SimTech Data and Software Steward”. Her task will be to draw up strategies, workflows, standards and best practices for RDM and for developing research software, which increasingly determines the quality of research findings. In addition to her job with SimTech, Sibylle Hermann works for the Stuttgart University Library. In that role, she helped set up the infrastructure for the university-wide RDM system and is involved in several externally funded RDM projects.

Ralf Diestelkämper will also be working on RDM with immediate effect, supporting the cluster as the “SimTech Research Software Engineer for RDM”. His responsibilities include development, administration and consulting in connection with technical solutions to improve SimTech’s RDM and research software engineering.

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