Prof. Dirk Pflüger appointed PI

December 17, 2019 /

During the annual status seminar in Bad Boll, Prof. Dr. Dirk Pflüger was appointed Principal Investigator (PI) by the members of the SimTech Cluster of Excellence in the course of its General Assembley. The decision was unanimously and was justified as follows:

“We acknowledge the relevance of his professorship for the entire cluster, his instrumental and productive role in developing the proposal and internal structures as well as his academic achievements and scholarships.”

Prof. Pflüger, former SimTech junior professor and part of the core writing team of the successful Excellence proposal, is very pleased with this acknowledgement of his person and his work and underlines that “SimTech is a great cluster with exciting, cutting-edge research and lived interdisciplinarity, and SimTech has moved a lot – scientifically and structurally – in Stuttgart and far beyond.”

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