SimTech says goodbye to graduates

May 17, 2021 / sä

On Friday, May 7, a graduation ceremony was held for the Bachelor and Master graduates on the Simulation Technology program. Unfortunately, last year’s ceremony had to be canceled due to Covid but this year there was at least a virtual event, which included both the 2021 and the 2020 graduates.

The 36 graduates were joined by family and friends, Academic Dean Rainer Helmig, Spokesman for and Director of the Cluster and the Center, Thomas Ertl, and a number of teaching staff, bringing the total number of participants to almost 70. After being welcomed by Rainer Helmig, they listened to a virtual, interactive presentation by former SimTech researcher Albrecht Schmidt, now at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, on "Intelligence: artificial, simulated, digital but still very real?"

The graduates were then called out one by one for an official farewell. Thanks to the virtual format, even graduates who are presently located in Taiwan and Eindhoven were able to attend – a positive side effect. Plus they had all received goody bags prior to the event! Afterwards, the official part of the ceremony was closed with a speech by Lena Scholz. But that wasn’t the end of the event:  Program Manager Maren Paul set up breakout groups for the informal part of the evening, giving the graduates the opportunity to meet up in smaller groups in a relaxed atmosphere.

We would again like to wish our graduates all the best for their future and we look forward to seeing some of them again on the Master program.

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