Research visit of 2022 Argyris Visiting Professor Serkan Gugercin to Stuttgart

November 23, 2022 / sä

It is our pleasure to welcome the 2022 Argyris Visiting Professor Prof. Dr. Serkan Gugercin from Virginia Tech in Stuttgart where he will stay until 16 December 2022. Prof. Gugercin is one of the leading experts in creating efficient to evaluate surrogate models with guarantees for complex dynamical systems using tools from model order reduction.

While in Stuttgart, he will collaborate with the junior research group of Benjamin Unger and work on model reduction and data-driven methods for

  • Port-Hamiltonian systems,
  • Parametric control systems, and
  • Systems with quadratic outputs.

We warmly invite you to contact Benjamin if you would like to join in some of these projects or if you would like to meet with Serkan.

Dr. Gugercin's primary research interests are in model reduction, data-driven modeling of dynamical systems, numerical linear algebra, nonlinear eigenvalue problems, approximation theory, and systems and control theory.

He has applied his research to various applications involving inverse problems with a focus on diffuse optical tomography, flow control, energy-efficient building design, modeling and approximation of electrical power networks, data-driven modeling for structural dynamics and vibration analysis with applications to jet-engine modeling, circuit simulation, and energy-based structure-preserving modeling.  

After a Meet & Greet with SimTech’s Junior Research Group Leaders, PostDocs and Junior Professors on 23 November 2022, there will be further interesting events accompanying Serkan Gugercin’s stay in Stuttgart such as the MOR-Day and the public Argyris Lecture - both on 7 December 2022.

MOR-Day, 7 December, 1:30 to 3:30 pm, V7.31

The MOR-Day, organized by Jörg Fehr, Felix Fritzen, Benjamin Unger and Bernard Haasdonk from the SimTech MOR-Seminar will then introduce the audience to the latest trends and methods in the diverse world of model order reduction. From 1:30 to 3:30, there will be talks from

  • Patrick Buchfink on “Model order reduction on manifolds”
  • Jonas Kneifl on “Real-time Human Response Prediction in Integrated Safety Situations Using Model Reduction and Machine Learning”
  • Jonas Nicodemus on “Towards multi-objective optimization for reduced port-Hamiltonian systems” and
  • Felix Fritzen on “Reduced order modelling of linear and nonlinear thermos-mechnical materials”

Argyris Award Lecture, 7 December, 4 pm, V7.01

Serkan Gugercin will give his Award Lecture on “Modelling Dynamical Systems from Data: A Systems-Theoretic Perspective”. He will talk about

Dynamical systems are a principal tool in the modeling, prediction, and control of physical phenomena with applications ranging from structural health monitoring to electrical power network dynamics, from heat dissipation in complex microelectronic devices  to vibration suppression in large wind turbines. Direct numerical simulation of these mathematical models may be the only possibility for accurate prediction or control of such complex phenomena.  However, in many instances, a high-fidelity mathematical model describing the dynamics is not readily available. Instead, one has access to an abundant amount of input/output data via either experimental measurements or a black-box simulation. The goal of data-driven modeling is, then, to accurately model the underlying dynamics using input/output data only. In this talk, we will investigate various approaches to data-driven modeling of dynamical systems using systems-theoretical concepts. We will consider both frequency-domain and time-domain measurements of a dynamical system. In some instances we will have true experimental data, and in others we will have access to simulation data. We will illustrate these concepts in various examples ranging from structural dynamics to electrical power networks to microelectromechanical systems.

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Call for nominations for Argyris Visiting Professorship 2023

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