Research visit by Yusuke Takahashi from Japan

December 5, 2022 / sä

SimTech warmly welcomes visiting researcher Yusuke Takahashi in Stuttgart. He is an Associate Professor in the Division of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Hokkaido University in Japan, and will be in Stuttgart from 2 December 2022 to 20 January 2023.

Yusuke Takahashi’s scientific background is in high-enthalpy flow and high-performance computing. He has numerically investigated complicated behaviors of hypersonic/supersonic/subsonic flows in various aerospace vehicles and wind tunnels. His recent work has focused on aerodynamics and aerodynamic heating for atmospheric entry vehicles on high-performance computers as follows:

  • Numerical modelling and simulation of plasma wind tunnels, such as arc-heated wind tunnels, and inductively-coupled plasma
  • Analysis of radio frequency blackout of atmospheric re-entry vehicles
  • Numerical simulations for aerodynamics and aerodynamic heating of inflatable re-entry vehicle.

While in Stuttgart, Yusuke Takahashi will collaborate with the group of junior professor Benjamin Uekermann, which co-develops the research software preCICE. preCICE is an open-source coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations, including, but not restricted to fluid-structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer simulations. Yusuke Takahashi has been using preCICE in his research for several years.

Benjamin Uekermann is the head of the department for “Usability and Sustainability of Simulation Software” – a joint professorship of SimTech and Faculty 5. Uekermann is situated at the Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPVS). The groups ‘Simulation of Large Systems’, ‘Scientific Computing’, and ´Usability and Sustainability of Simulation Software´ focus on challenges at the edge between numerical mathematics and computer sciences in order to enable large scale scientific computing applications on massively parallel systems.

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