RDM: Sarbani Roy presents the Harvester-Curator

February 8, 2024 / mm

Sarbani Roy, Research Software Engineer at SimTech, will present the Harvester-Curator at the first NFDI4Ing Community Meeting on February 27, 2024. The Harvester-Curator is a Python-based tool, designed to elevate metadata provision in data and/or software repositories, representing a noteworthy advancement in metadata provisioning. This tool streamlines the transition from local folders to datasets within repositories.

The initial stage, termed "Harvester," operates as a scanner, navigating through user-specified folders, categorizing files based on types, and identifying appropriate parsers for diverse file formats.These parsers are tailored to extract metadata from various structured file formats, methodically retrieving and consolidating information into a well-organized JSON file. Operating locally, this phase can collect metadata from large files often omitted from version control, offering researchers a streamlined and automated approach to comprehensive metadata collection.

In the subsequent stage, “Harvester-Curator” evolves into a curator, utilizing gathered metadata to fill in metadata fields within a designated repository. The goal is to allocate harvested metadata to relevant blocks, minimizing metadata loss and ensuring proper arrangement within the appropriate parent field and metadata schema of the target repository. The tool also provides choices for plug-in mappings, establishing connections between the attributes of harvested metadata and the metadata fields of the target repository.

Harvester-Curator underwent thorough testing using demoDaRUS, a test server associated with DaRUS (Data Repository of the University of Stuttgart), showcasing its robust functionality. Ongoing efforts aim to expand its capabilities to include other Dataverse installations and well-known repositories such as Zenodo. The tool's inherent extensibility allows seamless integration of new parsers, rendering it versatile and adaptable to the evolving requirements of research. This tool not only streamlines the process of metadata collection but also significantly contributes to enhancing data accessibility and interoperability within repositories.


The NFDI4Ing Community Meeting “Engineering Research Software – NFDI4Ing Community meets Archetype BETTY” is aimed at scientists from all communities who are interested in research software. The community wants to introduce innovative tools, services and methods that make it easier to find, use and develop research software and handle the associated data and metadata. It is organised by Task Area Betty and Community Cluster 45 (Construction engineering and architectur) within NFDI4Ing.

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