Niklas Kotarsky spends research stay in Stuttgart

March 3, 2023 / sä

From 6 March to 17 March, Niklas Kotarsky will stay at the University of Stuttgart in the group of Benjamin Uekermann.

Niklas Kotarsky, who graduated from Lund University in 2021 with a Master of Science in Engineering, Engineering Physics and who is currently a PhD student at Lund University in the group of Phillip Birken, works on on partitioned solvers for fluid-structure interaction. These solvers can be used for simulation of a bird feather waving in the wind or an airplane whose wings bend during flight. One important aspect for the development of these solvers is the time integration. Therefore, his main focus is on constructing an efficient partitioned solver where the fluid-solver and the solid-solver are time adaptive via the so-called waveform iterations.

Coupled problems like for example a feather moving in the wind or hot steel quenched in water are often solved numerically using a partitioned approach where the sub-problems are solved iteratively by separate solvers. The goal is to develop a partioned solver for simulation of a coupled problem that is of high order and adaptive in time. In addition, the partitioned solver must allow for different time steps in the sub-solvers as well as the reuse of old codes for the sub-solvers.

The software library preCICE allows for an easy coupling of many already existing solvers. In addition, preCICE has recently been extended allowing the sub solvers to use different time steps through so called waveform iterations. The aim here is to increase energy efficiency and decrease time to solution by extending preCICE implementation of waveform iterations with the use of time adaptive sub-solvers.

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