Miriam Schulte Joins Spokespersons of EXC SimTech

June 5, 2024

[Picture: Tabea Siegle]

In a significant development for SimTech, Miriam Schulte has been unanimously elected to join the spokespersons of the Excellence Cluster SimTech, Wolfgang Nowak and Steffen Staab. This decision was made during the General Assembly meeting on 5 June, reflecting the collective confidence in Schulte's expertise and leadership.

(from left to right: Steffen Staab, Miriam Schulte, Wolfgang Nowak)

Miriam Schulte, born in 1974 in Munich, brings a wealth of experience to the role. After studying mathematics with a minor in economics at the Technical University of Munich, she pursued a PhD in computer science, focusing on biofilm simulation. In 2010, she received her habilitation in computer science and subsequently served as a Carl-von-Linde Junior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study. Schulte has been a professor of 'Simulation of Large Systems' in the Department of Computer Science at the Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems of the University of Stuttgart since 2013, where her work bridges numerical mathematics and computer science to enable large-scale applications on massively parallel computing architectures.

Wolfgang Nowak and Steffen Staab, the current spokespersons, praised Schulte’s election: "Miriam's extensive background in both numerical mathematics and informatics, coupled with her dedication to advancing complex simulations, makes her an invaluable addition to our leadership team. Her interdisciplinary approach and proven track record in managing large-scale projects align perfectly with the strategic goals of SimTech."

The Board of Directors highlighted that Schulte's election is a strategic move to bolster the cluster’s leadership, ensuring a broad representation across disciplines, research fields, and methodological viewpoints. This step is also a testament to the commitment of SimTech to enhance diversity within its scientific and leadership teams.

Schulte’s department focuses on the challenges at the interface of numerical mathematics and computer science, aiming to facilitate large-scale applications on advanced computing architectures. Her research includes developing numerical software for complex simulation environments that integrate various mathematical and programming components. Applications of her work span fluid-structure interactions, muscle and tumor simulations, and geothermal energy systems optimization, showcasing her versatile expertise.

With this new addition, the Excellence Cluster SimTech is well-positioned to continue its work in simulation science, integrating data-driven approaches to enhance scientific understanding and innovation.

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