Kunstmuseum Stuttgart: "Shift - AI and a future community".

February 7, 2023 / Volker Sievert

The exhibition "Shift - AI and a future community" is running at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart - What is artificial intelligence doing to us?

Art and AI meet at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart: the exhibition "Shift - AI and a future community" at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart shows eight international positions dealing with AI from February 4 to May 21. For artificial intelligence, which fascinates and also frightens us, has long been part of everyday life.

The works are based on investigations into digital surveillance, real and artificial corporeality, biological intelligence, social power relations, hybrid life forms, language technology, immortality or NFTs. The thesis of the show: AI will change our community down to the core - whether we want it to or not.

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart: "Shift" as a principle

Because each and every one of us is already using AI on a regular basis without even realizing it: We engage the voice assistant, stream music on Spotify that an algorithm compiles, or use the AI-powered navi to drive our car precisely to where we want to go. Algorithms, the basis of AI, already have an influence on political, economic and social processes, this happens even without our knowledge.

The English word "shift" means "to move", "transition", "change". With the title, the exhibition wants to make clear that the digital technology of artificial intelligence is permanently changing the idea of a community in which humans, nature and technology are in a cooperative relationship.

The extensive accompanying program was designed together with the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech) and Cyber Valley Stuttgart / Tübingen.

Original: https://kulturnews.de/kunstmuseum-stuttgart-shift/

SHIFT. AI and a future community

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