International Advisory Board of EXC 2075 and of SC SimTech constituted

February 10, 2021 / Sabine Sämisch

[Picture: © Bildagentur PantherMedia / TCdesign]

The Cluster of Excellence in “Data-Integrated Simulation Science” (EXC 2075) and the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech) will be advised by a high-caliber international panel of experts. The board is primarily concerned with strategic issues relating to the research and organization of the cluster. It is made up of seven scientists from Germany, Switzerland, France, and the US. They come from renowned universities and research institutions as well as from different fields. With the international and interdisciplinary composition of its Advisory Board, the Board of Directors of EXC and SC hopes to receive feedback and fresh ideas for the further development of the cluster and a successful renewal in 2025.

“We are extremely happy that we could win such esteemed members of the academic community for our Advisory Board and we are looking forward to discussing with them our research and our future plans”, says Thomas Ertl on the occasion of finalizing the composition of the board.

The Advisory Board was appointed by the Rector for the first funding period until the end of 2025 and it will meet annually at the University of Stuttgart. A first introductory meeting is planned as a virtual meeting in spring.

  • Margot Gerritsen, Stanford University, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Peter Gumbsch, FhG IWM/KIT, Material Science
  • Lino Guzella, ETH Zürich, Modeling and Control
  • Jan S. Hesthaven, EPFL Lausanne, Mathematics
  • Edda Klipp, HU Berlin, Compuational Systems Biology
  • Wendy Mackay, INRIA Paris-Saclay, Human-Computer Interaction
  • Volker Mehrmann, TU Berlin, Computational Mathematics
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