How to recruit successfully? A joint workshop series by SimTech and IntCDC

January 27, 2022 / sä

For the upcoming recruiting period, the Stuttgart Clusters of Excellence SimTech and IntCDC jointly designed a series of workshops that aim at the earliest point in community development: the recruiting process..

The workshops on sourcing help the inviting institutes to address and reach a greater number of high potentials. In several sessions, the Equal Opportunity (EO) Managers Almut Meyer zu Schwabedissen (SimTech) and Lisa Schöllhammer (IntCDC) provided important assistance and general hands-on information on topics regarding the first part of the recruitment process:

  • How to address potential candidates in your job announcement. Wording, structure, templates, legal aspects.
  • How to distribute your call for applications. Job portals, active recruiting, social media – what are the options and how to support you in spreading the word.

The workshops were well attended, including both spokespersons of the Clusters SimTech and IntCDC. A follow-up consultation option offered by the EO Managers include feedback on individual job announcements, as well as assistance in placing open positions in selected job portals. However, this is an ongoing and constant offer from EO Manager Almut.

The workshops are another offer of the EO manager Almut Meyer zu Schwabedissen, who already laid the foundation for this topic in 2021 with a diversity awareness training. Aware that the topic of diversity plays an increasingly important role in the successful recruitment of (early career) researchers, Almut Meyer zu Schwabedissen invited participants to a workshop entitled "Unconscious Bias" at the end of 2021. The aim was to raise awareness of the topic in general, but also in the recruitment process, and to show what impact the topic has on diversity in organizations. The cluster's efforts to increase the proportion of women and the internationality of its scientists were and still are in the foreground of interest.

Lecturer Ulrich F. Schübel from the Institute for Diversity Management in Kaiserslautern gave an introduction to stereotyping in the 4-hour workshop for the board members and project network coordinators of the Stuttgart Cluster of Excellence. Together they explored the question of why a conscious approach to unconscious cognitive "distortions" such as stereotyping is so important, especially in recruiting processes.

"Especially when it comes to conducting cutting-edge research, diverse perspectives and experiences are needed to find innovative and creative, and thus novel, solutions to often highly specific problems. This requires the diversity of talents and the competencies of diverse people. In order to showcase these talents and be attractive to top researchers from all over the world, science organizations in particular must be competent in dealing with and promoting diversity," underlines Dr. Schübel the relevance of the topic.

If you seek inspiration and support on how to reach a larger group of excellent candidates, do get in touch, we are happy to work for your team’s excellence.

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