Graduate school GS SimTech allows cumulative dissertation

October 20, 2020 / Sabine Sämisch

[Picture: © PantherMedia / VladimirZubkov (YAYMicro)]

Since March 1, 2020, it is possible to submit a cumulative dissertation at the University of Stuttgart. SC SimTech, a faculty-like institution of the University of Stuttgart, to which the graduate school of the Cluster of Excellence belongs, now also offers the possibility to do a doctorate by means of a cumulative dissertation.

A cumulative dissertation is opposed to the doctoral thesis in the form of a monograph and refers to the submission of several independent publications, which must also be summarized and evaluated. These are published in professional journals and reflect partial results of the doctorate.

If SC SimTech conducts a joint doctoral program together with another faculty, the rules for cumulative doctoral studies of the respective faculty apply. For doctoral procedures which are carried out at SC SimTech without participation of another faculty, the rules of SC SimTech apply. The decision whether a cumulative doctoral thesis is possible or not lies with the respective supervisor and the doctoral committee.

Please contact your faculty or Barbara Teutsch in any case.

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