Exploring the Frontiers of Non-Linear Systems at ECCOMAS 2024

June 7, 2024

Benjamin Unger, Mattia Manucci and Jonas Nicodemus from the University of Stuttgart's Cluster of Excellence SimTech are playing an important role in advancing the field of Model Order Reduction (MOR) for non-linear systems at the  ECCOMAS Congress 2024 in Lisbon for early career researchers by organizing and chairing the minisymposium titled "Recent Advances in MOR of Non-Linear Systems: a Prospective from Early Stage Researchers". It aims to bring together fresh perspectives and cutting-edge developments from the reduced basis and system-theoretic communities. This initiative underscores SimTech's commitment to pushing the boundaries of computational methods in applied sciences.

The study of non-linear systems is crucial for modern engineering and scientific research, yet it presents unique challenges due to its inherent complexity. Non-linear models often require significant computational resources, creating barriers to efficient analysis and design. Model Order Reduction addresses these challenges by enabling the creation of lower-order approximations, reducing computational demands without compromising accuracy. As the minisymposium’s title suggests, this event will focus on innovative solutions from early-stage researchers, offering a glimpse into the future of MOR and its applications in diverse fields.

Jonas Nicodemus, a doctoral researcher in Benjamin Unger’s junior research group, is one of the key organizers of the minisymposium. He is enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to this critical discussion and to be part of a vibrant community in Lisbon. “I'm thrilled to explore the latest advances in model order reduction for non-linear systems,” Nicodemus remarks. “This topic has profound implications for the future of computational engineering, and I look forward to engaging with other early career researchers at ECCOMAS 2024.”

The minisymposium is also chaired and organized by Mattia Manucci and Benjamin Unger. Manucci, a postdoctoral researcher, is known for his work on contour integral methods based on the Laplace transform, aiming to improve the handling of non-linear parametric systems and was just awarded the prestigious SIAM Postdoctoral Fellowship for Advanced Research in Numerical Analysis. Unger, the leader of the junior research group focusing on dynamical systems and data-driven surrogate models, brings his expertise in Delay differential-algebraic equations and Port-Hamiltonian systems.

The ECCOMAS Congress 2024, running from June 3-7, offers a unique platform for not only SimTech researchers to connect with peers and industry leaders, sharing knowledge and fostering collaborations. This year's event marks the 9th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, continuing a tradition of innovation and excellence in computational engineering.

SimTech's participation in this event reflects its broader mission to advance computational engineering and applied sciences, focusing on both foundational research and practical applications. With several researchers set to present at the conference, SimTech's presence at ECCOMAS 2024 demonstrates the cluster’s leadership in addressing complex scientific and engineering challenges.

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