Developer Meeting for analysis software MAICoS

July 14, 2022 / ps/sä

At the end of June, PN1-8 hosted an in-person developer meeting for the analysis software package MAICoS.

MAICoS is a molecular analysis toolkit for the analysis of interfacial and confined systems which is mainly developed in the group of junior research group leader Alexander Schlaich. Hosted by the Cluster of Excellence SimTech and the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech), the developers held their first meeting in-person from 28 to 29 June at the University of Stuttgart.

The software package was originally created to perform statistical analysis of atomistic simulations of interfaces and has since grown to encompass lots of analysis modules for Molecular Dynamics simulations (MD).

The multi-scale modeling of materials group involved in PN 1-8, maintains the package, however the developers are distributed at different universities in Europe. For the first time all the core developers could meet in person to exchange ideas and collaboratively work on solutions to outstanding issues, as well as the development of new functionality. Highlight of this meeting was a full day of common coding activity.

We are looking forward to our next meeting event in autumn 2022!

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