Call for Contributions: Workshop "Managing Research Software"

July 13, 2022 / sä

The Cluster of Excellence SimTech, together with the German Initiative for Network Information e. V. (DINI)/nestor-AG Research Data and the DFG project ReSUS, is organizing a workshop on "Managing Research Software" on September 15 and 16, 2022. 

Software plays a central role in everyday research to generate, manage and use research data. Often, however, the software used is not simple standard software, but has complex dependencies, is itself a product of research, and is indispensable to its reproduction and understanding. Examples are control software for instruments, codes in numerical simulations, or analysis syntax for statistical data. 

How can such research software be developed and maintained so that it can be used over the long term? What does a sustainable infrastructure look like that both supports the current researchers and enables later re-use? Can organizational and content-related concepts of research data management be usefully transferred to research software, or are new approaches and competencies required?

The aim of the workshop is to bring infrastructure and science closer together, because in many cases the same topics are dealt with and considered from different perspectives. The workshop is now intended to promote a targeted exchange. 

For the workshop we ask for proposals for presentations that deal with concepts and experiences for the management of research software. Examples of topics that may be covered are:

  • Tools and best practices for the development phase of research software, such as code management and documentation.
  • Approaches to post-use publication and preservation of research software, e.g., virtualization and containerization, licensing
  • Strategies to sustainably establish research software and broaden its use
  • Transfer of research data management approaches to research software, e.g., data/software management plans or consulting by FDM officers

We request submissions of short abstracts by 07/31/2022 to

The program, further details and registration form will be published on 05/08/2022. For more information on the workshop, please visit

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