Data-integrated simulation of human perception and cognition

PN 7-5

Project description

The ”Digital Human Model” one of the three visionary examples of the EXC, is key for future applications, e.g. in personalised healthcare. Previous efforts within EXC SimTech have achieved significant advances towards realising this vision by developing data-integrated simulation methods for biomechanics and systems biology. However, humans are much more than their biomechanical system and the vision can only be fully achieved if central processes of human perception and cognition are also taken into account and integrated into a holistic digital human model. The goal of this project is to fill this gap and to simulate human cognition by combining cognitive architectures with data-driven learning methods. More specifically, this project will investigate data-integrated methods to simulate the complex interplay between human visual attention, working and long-term memory, and interactive behaviour, with and without inclusion of physiological data, such as human gaze. We will demonstrate and empirically evaluate the newly developed methods in an interactive pervasive simulation (augmented reality) application.

Project information

Project title Data-integrated simulation of human perception and cognition
Project leaders Andreas Bulling (Ngoc Thang Vu)
Project duration June 2019 - November 2022
Project number PN 7-5

Publications PN 7-5

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