Provisioning Languages and Distributions for Requirement-Aware Simulations


Project Description

In this project, we are investigating how to model and deploy pervasive simulations, which means simulations that are executed on heterogeneous hardware. For this, we especially focus on the integration of quantum computations into pervasive simulations. Therefore, we analyze how to model the development and execution process of quantum computations using workflow technologies to enable its (semi-)automatic execution. Furthermore, we investigate how to achieve reusability and reproducibility of quantum computations. Hence, provenance data about quantum computations are an important part of our research. We analyze what data should be collected as provenance data in the field of quantum computing, how to collect this data, and for what purposes it can be used. At the current stage of quantum computing research, provenance data is especially important, as today’s quantum computers are noisy and error-prone, and the provenance data can, e.g., be used to find the origins of errors or to select a suitable quantum computer for the execution of a given quantum computation.

Project Information

Project Number PN7-4
Project Name Provisioning Languages and Distributions for Requirement-Aware Simulations
Project Duration May 2019 - October 2022
Project Leader Melanie Herschel
Frank Leymann
Project Members Benjamin Weder, PhD Researcher
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