Data-integrated Simulation of Human Perception and Cognition


Project Description

The overall goal of this project is to investigate the simulation of human cognitive processes by bridging between cognitive architectures and data-driven methods. As such, it aims to address a core challenge towards realizing the vision of ”Digital Human Model” and complements models of biomechanics and biological systems explored in other EXC SimTech projects.

The main research questions addressed in this project will circle around the three following aspects:

  1. How to build adaptive cognitive systems simulating human behaviours using machine learning esp. deep learning and human signals such as gaze information?
  2. How to develop a machine learning esp. deep learning system that reflects cognitive processes of human being as proposed in the EPIC architecture – a simulation model and how to use the knowledge in EPIC to enhance machine learning systems?
  3. How to make cognitive architectures interactive and how to extend them to support human-machine interaction in real-world applications?

Project Information

Project Number PN6-5
Project Name Data-integrated Simulation of Human Perception and Cognition
Project Duration June 2019 - November 2022
Project Leader Ngoc Thang Vu
Project Members Dirk Väth, doctoral researcher
Project Partners Andreas Bulling (PN7-5)
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