Data-driven surrogate modeling of structural instabilities in electroactive polymers

PN 3-5

Project description

The project will provide a data-integrated multiscale framework for the continuum-mechanical modeling of porous media. A particular focus will be on theory and numerics of variational scale-bridging techniques for diffusion-driven problems in consideration of large deformations. With such a multiscale framework, we aim at the data-based analysis and optimization of porous microstructures with regard to their overall hydro-mechanical properties. One of our major goals is to provide a data-analytics based approach to instability prediction. Instabilities play a crucial role in materials design and arise, for example, in the form of structural instabilities at micro-level. The occurrence of instabilities depends on a number of conditions including material properties, microscopic morphology and overall coupled loading. From a theoretical viewpoint, the investigation of instabilities calls for minimization-type variational principles. These will be numerically implemented in a consistent way into the multiscale framework. Critical instabilities will be revealed by Bloch-Floquet wave analysis. In order to provide efficient and reliable predictions of the associated instability phenomena, we will equip the multiscale formulation with modern tools of machine learning.

Project title Data-driven surrogate modeling of structural instabilities in electroactive polymers
Project leaders Marc-André Keip (Tim Ricken)
Project duration January 2020 - June 2023
Project number PN 3-5

Publications PN 3-5 and PN 3-5 (II)

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