This image shows Paul-Christian Bürkner

Paul-Christian Bürkner

Prof. Dr.

Computational Statistics
TU Dortmund University
Department of Statistics


Room: 02.325

Associated Researcher

From 2020 to 2023, Paul Bürkner was a Independent Junior Research Group Leader for Bayesian Statistics at SimTech. His overarching scientific goal was to develop a principled Bayesian workflow for data analysis that comprises the whole scientific process from design of studies, data gathering and cleaning over model building, calibration, fitting and evaluation, to the post-processing and statistical decision making.

With his group, he was working on a wide range of research topics related to the development, evaluation, implementation, or application of Bayesian methods. This includes, among others, prior specification, model evaluation and comparison, uncertainty quantification, multilevel models, and simulation-based inference. 


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