Working Committees

The SimTech Working Committee “Manufacturing” serves to discuss the requirements, added values and latest developments in the field of technical simulations. The working committee involves participants and current projects of the Cluster of Excellence to ensure a timely transfer of results and to initiate new cooperations.

Cooperation Project “SIOCS”

The Cooperation Project “SIOCS” under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Röck was initiated by the Working Committee “Manufacturing”. The project aims to identify simulation-based parameters for the online condition monitoring of ball screw drives. The companies TRUMPF, CADFEM and ISG are involved in the project.

The Working Committee “Simulation Methods” serves to discuss challenges, goals and potential synergies in the field of simulation methodology. Topics include issues from modeling to visualization and workflow.

The working committee involves numerous lead researchers and current projects of the Cluster of Excellence, as well as users and developers from the industry. The participants of the Working Committee “Simulation Methods” come from a wide range of sectors, from car manufacturing to software development. They all use the working committee as a platform to present their area of expertise. This ensures a timely transfer of results and encourages cooperations.

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