MOANSI Annual Meeting 2023

November 16, 2023

Time: November 16 – 17, 2023
Venue: University of Stuttgart
room 8.122 (8th floor)
Pfaffenwaldring 57
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The 6th annual meeting of the activity group "Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Molecular Systems" takes place on 16 and 17 November 2023 at the University of Stuttgart and is supported by the Cluster of Excellence SimTech.

The aim of this activity group is to promote mathematical aspects of modeling and numerical computations in theoretical chemistry, physics, materials science and computational biology (bio-informatics). We define the group’s research interest broadly by the mathematical analysis, development and implementa- tion of methods describing matter at an atomistic scale with particular empha- sis on traditional elements of applied mathematics: modeling, well-posedness and stability, convergence, algorithmic details and complexity, and efficient im- plementations. We explicitly target models based on quantum, classical and stochastic/statistical theories, as well as data-driven inverse problems arising in the inferrence of atomic structure from, say, X-ray or cryo-EM images. 

Besides participant's contributions, we're happy to announce that we will have two keynote-talks by

  • Tatjana Stykel, University of Augsburg

  • Johannes Kästner, University of Stuttgart/SimTech

The workshop will start on the 16 November at around 11am and will finish on the 17 November at around 2pm. 

The program an be found via

Please sign up for the event by November, 24 using the eveeno platform 


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