Gender and Diversity Competence - as key competence and in practice

October 6, 2021

Time: October 6, 2021
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Gender and diversity competence increasingly becomes an fixed item in advertisement for both academic leadership positions as well as professorships. Moreover, dealing with gender and diversity topics and issues is already a (more or less) vital part of the tasks of coordinators as well as PIs.

In this workshop, we shall explore the concept of gender and diversity competence in its background, basic meaning, and the different subcompetences in order to grasp it as a qualification and key competence as well as a tool for everyday academic life. For this, the workshop will provide both the theoretical input as well as transfer in practice working on your examples and topics.

Issues and topics will be collected by the trainer in advance.

Trainer: Dr. Sabine Blackmore

Contact: Service Gender Consulting | Pooling – Synergien für Chancengleichheit | Sabrina Schopf, Ulrike Stoll | | (0711) 685-84024

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