Simulation Technology

Study Programme

The elite study programme Simulation Technology combines the disciplines of mathematics, engineering sciences, computer science and natural sciences.

The Simulation Technology study programme lets students obtain a broad, well-founded education for the Bachelor’s level and a specialized one on the Master’s level. Both levels address all fields that matter in simulation technology:  

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering sciences
  • Computer science
  • Natural science
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Undergraduate Basics

Since 2010, the six-semester Bachelor’s study programme has offered its maximum 30 students per class a wide-ranging, basic education. The excellence study programme gives students insight into how the different disciplines interrelate.

Specialization and Research

In the Master’s study programme, since 2013 Bachelor’s degree holders can continue their education and specialize in defined application fields. The research-oriented Master of Science creates an outstanding foundation for follow-on doctoral studies. 

Our study programme offers the perfect foundation for a research career in simulation technologies.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Helmig, Dean of Studies


Sowohl der Bachelor- als auch der Master-Studiengang „Simulation Technology“ wurden im Rahmen des Stuttgarter Evaluationsmodells im Juli 2017 systemakkreditiert. Das umfassende Evaluierungsmodell berücksichtigte

  • die didaktische Qualität der Lehrveranstaltungen,
  • das Zusammenspiel der Lehrveranstaltungen,
  • den Workload und den Lernerfolg,
  • die Qualität des Studiengangs,
  • das Gesamtangebot von Lehre und Studium
  • sowie unterstützende Angebote wie beispielsweise Beratungsmöglichkeiten und der Service des Prüfungsamtes.

More Information on the System Accreditation (German)


Rainer Helmig
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Rainer Helmig

Board of Directors, Dean of Studies, Principal Investigator (EXC), Fellow (SC), Coordinator PN 1

Maren Paul

Maren Paul

Coordinator Study Programmes, Junior Academy

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