Cooperation and Transfer

Research has many faces. We serve them all.


The transfer of results into the scientific community is just as important as the transfer of ideas, concepts, projects and results into industry and the general public. This is especially true for a high tech region like Stuttgart. Here, the transfer of knowledge is mandatory. At the same time, we expect our research to have enormous impact on how future products and technologies are developed, manufactured and operated. The Cluster fosters collaboration within and beyond the University on all levels.

Our Transfer Concept

Apart from scientific papers to be published in international journals with peer review system and from presenting scientific results at national and international conferences, we take further steps in order to promote the transfer of our achievements in the scientific community. In particular, we have established a Guest Programme to invite top scientists to cooperate with us during their stay at the University of Stuttgart.

Furthermore, SimTech Colloquium and Seminars, international conferences and the archive of electronic pre-prints enable the efficient dissemination of our scientific results.

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The institutes of the University of Stuttgart along with various cooperating close-by non-university institutions have strong relations to the local industry, global players and medium-sized enterprises. Especially our partnerships with institutes of the Fraunhofer Society and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) are essential for a successful transfer of scientific results into application.

The Industrial Consortium SimTech, a non-profit registered association, has been installed as the main platform for first-hand discussion with experienced partners from industry. Simulation technology is promoted by supporting research and education, analyzing and initiating new developments and exchange of experiences. Large internationally operating enterprises as well as medium-sized businesses will guarantee the exploitation of the SimTech research and make the university researchers aware of industrial needs.

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We aim to raise the societal awareness about the importance of simulation technology for today’s world of research and science. With public events like exhibits, open days like the "Science Day" and public talks like the lecture series "Excellence in Dialogue" we show the importance and possibilities of simulation science to diverse target audiences.



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The Industrial Consortium SimTech e. V. (IC SimTech) serves as a link between companies,

  • public institutions
  • and the experts at the Cluster of Excellence.

The association gives members the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, opening up new development prospects for all parties.


The Industrial Consortium e. V. regularly organizes conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops. Both researchers and companies benefit from collaborative group work. The association awards prizes and honors to students and scientists.


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In today’s world, computer simulations are to be found everywhere in science and engineering – scientific progress today is practically inconceivable without it. “In the digital lab” is a science exhibit that takes a fun look at the world of the digital laboratory. Visitors are invited to learn more about simulation at interactive stations to answer questions such as: What can we discover with simulations? Why are they used and what can be done with them? What is a scientific model? Can I also do simulations on my own computer?


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