Successful PhD studies

Graduate School

The Simulation Technology Graduate School is the doctoral studies program of the SimTech Excellence Cluster. It is organized to be interdisciplinary and is internationally oriented. The structured doctoral studies program offers its members optimum conditions for successful PhD studies in the field of simulation technology.

GS SimTech capabilities

Doctoral students in the GS Sim Tech

  • Have at least two supervisors from different disciplinary cultures
  • Benefit from having a second referee from outside the University of Stuttgart
  • Can attend lectures and seminars specially designed for the field of simulation technology
  • Can conduct subject-specific and methodological exchanges
  • Are integrated with their projects in the overlapping research relationships of the project networks
  • Have an optimal opportunity for getting feedback after a year and a half through a Milestone Presentation
  • Network internationally during an obligatory three-month stay at a research institute abroad

GS offers doctoral students the opportunity to step outside the box and to understand relationships that transcend their own discipline.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Allgöwer, Director, Graduate School.


Frank Allgöwer
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Frank Allgöwer

Vice DIrector & Vice Spokesperson, Head of Graduate School, Principal Investigator (EXC), Fellow (SC), Coordinator PN 4

Barbara Teutsch

Barbara Teutsch

Coordinator Graduate School, Coach


PhD Student Spokespersons

Franziska Domeier, Lukas Brencher and Tizian Wenzel

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