Attaining professional and personal goals

Equal Opportunity

We have made it our priority as a modern employer and competitor for the best minds to help everyone live up to their personal potential. Therefore, we are committed to work-family life balance and specially to supporting our young female scientists.

In pursuit of our goal of creating equal opportunity, we work closely with the equal opportunity representative and the Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Stuttgart. Among our forms of support, we number:

Support for Female Researchers

The mentoring programme offered by the University of Stuttgart to women in science and research facilitates generation-spanning knowledge exchange, supports professional development and, above all, the forming and expansion of own networks.

Our female doctoral students, post-docs and assistant professors can apply to SimTech to have their costs of participating in the program reimbursed in full.

To the Mentoring Programme

To support young female scientists on their career path, we offer individual counseling through our in-house coaching program that is tailored to your personal needs in the scientific context.

Balancing Family and Career

The University of Stuttgart has bought up slots for full-time childcare for employees’ young children in cooperating day care centers near both campuses. These are reserved for children between the ages of two months to three years and are available regardless of where the employee resides. In addition, the University of Stuttgart belongs to Kind e.V. Stuttgart, so that employees with children up to the age of 14 also have access to day care facilities near the Vaihingen campus that are operated by Kinder in Stuttgart  GmbH.

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We also offer our female and male scientists with families the so-called KidsBox mobile parent-child rooms. The rooms can be freely moved about the campus and therefore make it possible to provide short-term child care in the workplace when there is no other option available.

If required, we provide child care on the spot at Cluster events such as status seminars, symposiums, and conferences.

The University of Stuttgart plans to operate its own day nursery for children of employees and students on the Vaihingen campus. Based on a MINT concept, it will make available both day nursery and kindergarten slots.

In emergencies, the Uni & Family service is available to employees und students of the University of Stuttgart. It offers care for children up to twelve years of age in daycare centers close to the downtown campus. The facilities are open Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00; in exceptional cases, they will also operate around the clock (24-hour child hotel).

To keep their children aged six to twelve years (siblings from four years) creatively occupied with exciting content even during school breaks, the Uni & Family Service organizes research vacation day camps near the Vaihingen campus for employees and students of the University of Stuttgart, in collaboration with Konzept-e GmbH, the five Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institutes and Media University. Day camps lasting one week each are scheduled for the Easter, Whitsun, and Fall breaks, and one lasting three-weeks takes place in the summer.

In addition, we held a one-week university sports camp for employee and student children and youth aged ten to 15 years as a pilot project that is planned to repeat in the summer of 2017.

We regularly offer workshops and counseling for female and male employees of our Cluster on subjects that include career planning and balancing family life with career.


Barbara Teutsch

Barbara Teutsch

Coordinator Graduate School, Coach

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